• Soul Art

    Party with your intuition!

    Soul Art is an intuitive painting party in which you get to dance with your soul!

    In this energetic workshop participants are invited to relax, surrender control, and to listen deeply to their whispering inner voice. Through a series of easy steps, and against a backdrop of food, music and fun you will discover your inner artist. You will silence your inner critic. You will create with wanton abandon. And most of all you will be amazed at the wonder and beauty that lives within.

    In Soul Art we paint BIG to allow our unconscious free reign.

    In Soul Art we paint BOLD cause there is nothing to fear.

    In Soul Art we paint BEAUTIFUL reflections from within.



    "Nicole’s passion for the creative process is contagious! She invites creative play with an open heart and curiosity that opened and expanded my heart."

    -Kate Robinson-


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    Video and photographs by jphilipphotography

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