• Painted HeART

    Discover your unique creative voice!

    Painted HeART is a virtual intuitive painting workshop where you will be guided 

    through the creation of two completely unique paintings that reveal your inner world. 

    You are invited to be curious, to trust your inner guidance and to lean into

     surrender as the images that want to meet you emerge!

    What Do I Need To Be Ready?

    • Acrylic paints OR tempera paints in colours that thrill you. Black and White are essential!

    • Substrate, just a fancy word that means something to paint on. Whatever you choose you will need a minimum of two. Canvas, or paper (water colour or mixed media paper as things are gonna get kinda wet), are recommended.

    • Mark making tools (colour pencils, oil pastels, markers, pencils, drawing charcoal)

    • Etching tools  Any sharp object that can be used to scrape through paint and create yummy texture (bamboo skewer, plastic fork, broken comb... get the idea?)

    •  Stencils... these can be store bought, home made, or found.

    • Spray paints (optional) Must be used in a well ventilated area. 

    • Download zoom.us HERE onto your laptop or desktop to join the class. 

    Ready to connect with your HeART?

    "Nicole I've been vibrating with creative energy juice since the workshop. Wow! What a nice wild woman feeling to connect to the intuitive flow! "

    -Nicky Bernas-


    Refund & Cancellation Policy

    Please note that Painted HeART is non-refundable. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns. We want you to have an enjoyable experience and life long love of making intuitive art. 

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