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Things Are Looking Up

I’ve been feeling restless about my art. It happens maybe more than I care to admit. And when it happens I plunge head long into a mad forage for new inspiration, what I refer to as my ‘art research’; essentially trolling the internet’s vast treasure troves of ideas. This treasure hunt led me to Iris Scott a finger painting artist who creates dynamic and energized paintings of everything from portraits to landscapes to wild shaking dogs with nothing but her oil paints and her trusty appendages.

So when my restless feeling hit I viewed her art, read her book and dove right in. But what to paint? I turned to the thousands of photos I’ve taken over the years and found an image that as I looked at it began to transform itself into an Iris-Scott-like painting.

It would take some magic though, but that’s the wonder of art and the gift of artists if we want, we can move mountains and all with the stroke of a brush, or pallet knife or even with the very tips of our fingers. We are limited only by the scope of our imagination and determination and maybe a cooperative model to help you rethink the angles of a pose.

You see for me art is about expression. Essentially every painting is a reflection of some aspect of myself; my imagination, inner workings, emotions, humour. It’s not meant to be a photograph, neither do I care so much about perfection. And sometimes I have to fudge things a bit to express what I’m feeling.

So for this painting a restless itch led to some new artist inspiration, which led to an old photo that needed a bit of tweaking to fit the mood. A little help from a beautiful model and voila it’s done! My restlessness has vanished and a new obsession has begun and things are definitely looking up!

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