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The Spirt Speaks Through Symbols

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One of the reasons I love to paint intuitively is because of the unique language of my higher self. She speaks to me in symbols. And I have come to love the efficiency with which she tells me just exactly what I need to know.

After years of painting in this way, some of my symbols have become old familiar friends who are comfortable enough to simply drop by, and when I see them I know almost immediately why they have come and what they have to say.

Others are new. I find I must spend some time with them getting to know the message they bring. Must I dig deep through a hard patch? Am I on the right path with some idea? Is there some vulnerability I need to be aware of or am I in sync with what the universe is offering? Is there a fear I must face? And the messages go on and on.

Every part of the painting speaks. Every image tells its part of the story. Sometimes the message is instantly recieved. Other times I must sit with the images a while. If I remain open I always recieve.

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