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Paint Your Soul!

Soul Art For Healing Begins Soon

When I paint, its not me painting but my soul painting through me. It may sound dramatic, and I have had it lovingly pointed out that I have a flare for being a bit "out there", but I kid you not, when I paint I am always the most surprised person at what comes through.

Every painting is a communication between me and well ... me; another part of myself that is difficult to hear through all the noise of daily life. The conversation is always revealing.

Every painting is a well earned vacation. I travel out of my self-directed thoughts and allow myself to be led to a place of deep peace and relaxation.

But I can't describe the path, I can only introduce you to the Booking Agent, your intuition. Your deep inner wisdom.

The trip is always worth it! There's a new trip starting on January 20, 2018.

So this is my invitation to you to join me. Its a long one. We begin in January 20 and end March 17. We will gather together in person and be supported by our online community. We will all get to a unique destination, somehow togther and we will have a blast getting there!

Spaces are limited. So if you're interested contact the St. Lucia Arthritis and Lupus Association at 459-0092/486-7000 or via facebook. Deadline for registration is January 18.

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