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Let's Cultivate and Attitude of Gratitude Together

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Let's Cultivate and Attitude of Gratitude Together

Why gratitude? Gratitude contributes to increased joy as we focus on what's going right in our lives and all the good that surrounds us. Gratitude improves our social lives by making us more attractive to others because grateful people tend to be more open and appreciative. Gratitude makes us healthier because grateful people focus more on their gifts rather than their stresses and strains and this reduces stress and increases relaxation.

So you are invited to magnify gratitude in your life and reap all of its many benefits. Sign up for the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop beginning November 1, 2017.

Subscribe to this blog for a chance to win your spot. The winner will be announced on Friday, October 13. It could be you!

Still not sure? Visit the websites of the fabulous artists instructors by clicking on the links below.

October 4 - Sherry Canino -

October 5 - Cristin Stevenson -

October 6 - Natalyn Bradshaw -

October 7 - Jackie Barragan -

October 8 - Nicole Edgecombe -

October 9 - Tiffany Goff Smith-

October 10 - Cindy Gilstrap 

October 11 - Kymona Tracy -

October 12 - Deanna Jinjoe -

October 13 - Tiare Smith - 

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