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Gratitude Junk Journal Social Media Hop

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Hi! Welcome to the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop Social Media Hop! Join me on a quick, artsy journey towards gratitude and meeting the 10 AWESOME instructors of this workshop! And for a chance to WIN a free spot in the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop,




If you are starting here just follow the appropriate link below. I have included a list of all participating artists instructor links for your convenience here. Please visit their blog on their assigned day to learn more and for more chances to win,


October 4 - Sherry Canino -

October 5 - Cristin Stevenson -

October 6 - Natalyn Bradshaw -

October 7 - Jackie Barragan -

October 8 - Nicole Edgecombe -

October 9 - Tiffany Goff Smith-

October 10 - Cindy Gilstrap 

October 11 - Kymona Tracy -

October 12 - Deanna Jinjoe -

October 13 - Tiare Smith - 



Gratitude. A feeling of appreciation or thanks. So simple, yet so mighty. It becomes mightier as we practice it in our lives. Growing it in a group makes it all the stronger. This journal will help to reinforce it and give us a great reference that keeps us grounded. Just imagine after one month how your attitude, those around you and your life will change. Change your heart. Change your mind. Change your life. A month of gratitude. A month of miracles….again!


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