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Blog Tour and Soul Food Giveaway!

Let's Welcome Carol Lowell, Artist, Author, Amazing Soul

Creative spirit, friend and artist Carol Lowell will be launcing her new book Soul Food: A 90 Day Journey of self-discovery while building Nourishing habits, on March 26, 27 and 28. And today I have the privilege of hostng her in a guest blog post. Scroll down to learn more about Carol, her new baby and how to win your copy!

Welcome Carol

Thanks for hosting me, Nicole! I’m excited to share with you and your audience my new book “Soul Food”, the contest and Free Book Offer that goes along with my upcoming book launch March 26, 27, 28 on, and, for International orders, on my website!

The Journey Inward!

I have long been a believer in the power of taking time to journey inward. Art has always been one vehicle for getting to know myself better … but so has journaling, taking time in quiet to actually hear my thoughts and begin a conversation with my heart. Things like meditation, and the graceful fluid movements of yoga are also ways that I can connect. And like any habits, the more they are practiced and become a part of our being, the easier it is to get to that place within ourself.

Self Discovery...

That was the driving force behind why I created my book, “Soul Food”. I wanted to support people, whether they are artists, journalists, or not, to create a daily practice that allows them to know themselves better and to get in touch with their hearts. And having fun along the way is a wonderful bonus.

The soul nourishing habits within “Soul Food” are laid out in such a way as to gently build a communion with your heart … yourself. They are easy practices to include in a day’s unfolding, yet the impact of establishing these habits are profound.

Healing Actions

There is a sense of healing when one journeys inward. The process of really knowing your heart’s desires, honouring the greatness within you, and releasing old circumstances and hurts that not longer serve you, has a way of cleansing and purifying. We have this one beautiful life to live, in our own unique expression … and the world needs each one of us, in our authentic self. But who is that? If you don’t take the time to pay attention, we can easily get lost and go wayward.

Nicole's Gifts

That is the brilliance of Nicole’s gift of using creativity and social interaction to help with the healing process. And she knows this first hand, so her wisdom and experience helps all those with whom she shares her offerings. We can each have healing and can be encouraged to live into the best version of ourselves. That does take some time, and it does require a commitment. But not a lot! Yet the results are a life more fully lived and loved. That in itself is a beautiful gift … one we can easily give to ourselves!

Celebrating each and every one of you.

With love,


About Soul Food

Soul Food is an interactive "play book" to help establish heart-centred habits in a gentle and positive way. The first 30 days focuses attention on gratitudes, doing something you love, your Top 3 Priorities for the day, as well as some mandala colouring to help relax and rejuvenate you.

The next 30 days expands the practice by adding body and health focus, as well as a beginning meditation practice.

From there, the final 30 days builds another layer of your foundational practice by adding daily journaling prompts to take you even further inward for some soul reflection. Towards the final days, you have the opportunity to creat your own mandala designs.

Each month, as you gradually and progressively build on the previous month's groundwork, you can eaisly deepen your communication within. You will discover your soul voice that is as unique as you are. After 90 days, you will have created a daily practice that suits you, your interests and your schedule. Each book will become as unique as the person working through it and making their marks. Most Important of all is who you will become while on this journey!!!

Win Your Copy of Soul Food!

I’ve set up a bunch of ways for you to enter my contest inside Rafflecopter. To enter click HERE. The more times you enter, the better chance you have of winning 1 of the 3 free copies of “Soul Food”. When you purchase a copy of “Soul Food” during the book launch dates of March 26, 27, 28, you will be sent a copy of my eBook “Meditative Mandala Making”! This is a companion book to “Soul Food” and walks you through the process of making your own mandalas.

And check out this companion book

Purchase Books Here

A Bit About Me...

I am a mixed-media artist, author, life coach, quilter, photographer, book maker, wife, mom and explorer who lives in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Through the regular practice of creative endeavours and connecting to our spirit, I know that we can embrace and live our best life... through the expression of our unique gifts... our soul voice. It is my desire to help others find that voice and to give it strength, courage and love.

As someone who loves to gather and to share I live by the mottos "The more the merrier" and "The more we give, the more we receive". My greatest passions are my family, the discovery of new things, and living with an adventurous spirit. I love to encourage others to find what makes their heart sing and to live from that soul-centred place... a place I try to always reside.

Connect with me...

Please visit me on my website, email me at, or follow me at the following links:

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