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Art Journaling Addiction

It's always the innocent and unsuspecting that get hooked! Laying in bed one day with too much time on my hands and technology all too accessible I clicked and scrolled my way through an unending supply of art videos. I wished and longed to make art I could be proud of. And just like that YouTube generously recommended several art journaling videos to me.

By the end of that day I was exhausted and blurry eyed and entranced! Video after video I learned how to make art that allowed me to fully express myself; art that was intended for no one but me. In the safety of a book I could make messes, scream and rant at will. I could copy or create from my imagination. I could do anything!

I didn't appreciate then how this joyous playtime would change my life. The more I explored and expanded my creative self in this way the more I wanted to paint.

Soon my tiny journal was not enough. I needed to go bigger and bigger. When the obsession first hit I thought a bigger journal would do it, would scratch that itch; and for a while it did. Then I needed to go bigger so I bought the biggest canvas I could find and went wild. Then I painted a tree. Yes you heard right! And now I’ve graduated to walls! Art is like that, its addictive. It draws you in and makes you want more.

If you’re interested in starting on this meaningful journey, join me and 9 other teachers for 30 days of art journaling fun in the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop from November 1-30. Click the image below for more information.


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